• book-tunnel
    Spilled Ink

    Why Millennials Are The Way They Are

    Across our college campuses, intellectual pursuit, one of the great hallmarks of higher learning, is being sacrificed so nobody’s feelings are hurt and only preapproved language is spoken. Millennial students are easily offended, acting out [...]
  • courtroom
    Notes from Class

    Fun with Jury Duty

    I walked into the courtroom and immediately looked at the defendant. He was a young Middle-Eastern man, perhaps a Saudi. He looked like he could be a student. He fit the profile of the majority [...]
  • soccer-ball
    The Supporters Section

    Soccer’s Answer for More Goals Lies Offside

    There’s always been one thing about The Beautiful Game that has bothered me. It doesn’t take advantage of its best asset – the goal. Not everyone sees it that way, however. As Chris Anderson and [...]
  • hear-no-evil
    Spilled Ink

    Academia’s Mistake in Legislating Language

    The New York Times had an article about the steps some universities take to ensure their students understand cultural differences. The opening of the piece begins with a nervous incoming freshman wondering if it was [...]


Soapbox Land features the writing of Ellis Reed.

Spilled Ink: For all of my opinions that I think should be heard, you'll find them here. Some of them aren't half-bad.

The Supporters Section: Sports fans can be some of the most irrational idiots on the planet. I am no exception, but that doesn't keep me from dreaming up ideas on how to improve the sports we love.

Notes From Class: I teach English to foreigners in the United States. They come from all over the globe, from varying walks of life to learn another language in my classroom. Poor saps. I then write about them anonymously on the Internet. Their identity has been spared, but the stories and the reactions are real.