• jeremy

    I’m pro-choice, but…

    The polarizing nature of politics forces us to choose sides. When it comes to the legality of abortion, you are either pro-choice or pro-life. Neither title comes close to encapsulating all of the nuances, all [...]
  • ellis

    If karma were real

    I’d like to think karma is real, but if it truly existed in the way we believe, the consequences would be far more drastic. For starters, all the super hot girls with shitty personalities prone [...]
  • ellis

    Make A Wish for Adults

    I was recently fortunate enough to get a hold of some really good tickets to see my favorite NBA team. These seats were the kind a guy like me doesn’t get very often, if at [...]
  • jeremy

    The MLS’s Value to Soccer

    The MLS has tasted struggle. It knows what it’s like to be close to failure. Its predecessor, the NASL, was one, and at times it felt like that might be the MLS’s own destiny. That [...]
  • jeremy

    A Call for Compromise

    Political discourse in this country is failing us. Our debates have turned into competitive showdowns where the predominant goal is to advance one’s ideology. There are no calls for solutions, no spirit of compromise. Political [...]


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